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Anonymous: "Hey Bob, was wondering if you could have a go at explaining Korra's situation at the end of Book 3. I'm a little confused in trying to understand the place she's in right now; emotions aren't my strong suit. She won, she survived, and so did everyone important to her, but she looked...well, broken, I guess? I don't quite get it."


The cues they give us are very subtle. I’ll do my best.

I think this is a case of Korra winning but at an immense cost. She is clearly physically debilitated in some way, either from the effects of the poison or the beating she took or both. She underwent what looked like excruciatingly painful torture during which she hallucinated her previous enemies taunting her about her impending obsolescence. While those visions were chemically induced, the fact that they were still products of her own sub-conscious tells us something about what her greatest fears are. We sort of know this already, but Korra’s sense of identity comes from her role as the Avatar. And truthfully, I think the Avatar Spirit is even more important to her than her life. She was willing to give herself up to Zaheer knowing what it might mean, but she really started to freak out when she found out they wanted to end the Avatar Cycle. 

So basically, she has undergone an immense trauma that took everything out of her physically and emotionally. And what’s worse, this is the third major battle she’s had to fight in a year of show time. I can only speculate on some of the feelings she might be dealing with: physical pain, exhaustion, fear that she won’t be able to carry on her mission (and maybe even fear that she’ll never be free of people wanting to kill her?), that she’ll never feel “normal” again. She may also feel detached from everything that’s going on around her and have difficulty connecting to the positive emotions that other people are feeling and want her to feel.

That whole sequence had a “soldier home from war” feel to it. I don’t know if we’re meant to read it as straightforward PTSD, but it appears to be something similar. It isn’t easy to function in regular life once you’ve been through something like that, even if that’s what you are trained for. And that’s especially true if you walk away from it physically scarred, feeling like less than yourself. 


Even though I am completely and entirely devastated by Korra’s physical injuries, mental distress and what seems to me a pretty bad case of PTSD, it’s so fucking raw that they decided to portray her trauma as exactly what it was - an incredibly traumatic experience that hurt her physically, mentally and emotionally, and that takes a lot of time to absorb and process.

Korra might be the Avatar, but she’s also a person, a teenager no less, and who has been out in the world for what, a year? Less than? In that time she’s been through hell and back - abductions, spiritual violations, betrayals, and enormous amounts of battles. Her hallucinations during the finale also made it clear that even though she survived and thrived Amon’s, Unalaq’s and Vaatu’s attacks, they were still incredibly harrowing experiences that she has had to assimilate and are a part of her, experiences that don’t just fade away and stop being traumatic because she “won” and got through - those aren’t things someone is just gonna forget and aren’t going to be difficult to deal with anymore.

While this is a fantasy TV show, her reaction is so realistic, it’s what so many people and survivors experience and go through each and every day and have to deal with - I just hope people won’t be so ignorant and callous as to disrespect that effort and those experiences. She’s not 100% yet, and that’s not weakness. That’s recovery.

Title: Service and Sacrifice
Artist: Jeremy Zuckerman
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Music to the closing scene in the Legend of Korra Book 3 Finale.


I really liked that, in the last few moments of the finale, the only people to make Korra smile were the kids


For real tho: I do not even care how much you dislike or hate Avatar The Last Airbender or Legend of Korra, You CAN NOT ARGUE with the fact that Korra is one of THE MOST